Put your capital to work

Get a higher yield with loan participations

LendKey’s managed loan participation programs are unique; it lets like-minded lenders originate and sell participations from prime borrowers nationwide
  • Deploy capital effectively

    In this highly competitive rate environment, loan participations let you put your excess capital into higher-yielding investments that return up to 6.0% Net Average Yield, including credit default protection.

  • Diversify your portfolio

    Create loan products with like-minded lenders who utilize common underwriting, branding and pricing. LendKey manages the entire life of the loan process as well as the marketing and lead generation efforts.

  • Offset risk

    LendKey offers loan participation programs in three asset classes: Home Improvement, Student Refinance, and In-School Student. We source loans nationwide to create geographic diversity and mitigate risk.

“My loan participation portfolio generates more revenue than the rest of my portfolio combined; It’s a goldmine.”
Fred Dalit CEO
HONEA Federal Credit Union

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Are running and growing their digital loan businesses without having to build their own platforms. LendKey helps banks and credit unions grow their business, build customer relationships and manage their portfolios.
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