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Why Credit Unions Must Embrace Technology and Innovation

A recent conversation between Ronaldo Hardy, President and CEO of the National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations (NACUSO), and Vince Passione, host of the podcast “22 Minutes in Lending,” discuss how credit unions can embrace technology and empower their teams for sustainable growth.

Curql Collective: Driving Credit Union-Fintech Collaboration

Dive into the latest ’22 Minutes in Lending’ episode featuring Nick Evens, CEO of Curql Collective, unraveling the innovative synergy between FinTech and credit unions. Discover how Curql’s strategic approach ensures regulatory compliance, fosters strategic investments, and amplifies credit unions’ influence in the boardroom.

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Revolutionizing Banking: Insights from 22 Minutes in Lending with Chip Mahan

Join us for our next 22 Minutes in Lending podcast with Chip Mahan, founder of the first Internet bank. Uncover the visionary’s Mahan Move, revolutionizing traditional banking through cutting-edge technologies and fostering a culture of innovation. Gain invaluable insights into crisis management, as Mahan dissects the unprecedented events at Silicon Valley Bank, emphasizing the delicate balance between liquidity, regulatory mechanisms, and customer trust. Explore Mahan’s vision for a digitally transformed banking future, where the elimination of traditional branches paves the way for agile, customer-centric experiences. From small business lending strategies to fostering fintech innovation through Canopy Ventures, this podcast offers a comprehensive view of Mahan’s impactful contributions and the exciting possibilities shaping the financial industry.

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Today’s Financial Landscape: Insights from Alliant Credit Union’s Charles Krawitz

In a world of perpetual financial transformation, Alliant Credit Union, guided by Charles Krawitz, Chief Capital Markets Officer, and Head of Commercial Lending, stands as a shining example of adaptability and innovation. This blog post delves into the wisdom shared by Charles Krawitz during a recent episode of 22 Minutes in Lending, uncovering key takeaways that demonstrate how Alliant Credit Union’s approach is making a significant impact in the world of lending. From their pioneering digital-first approach to a diversified depository base and insights on handling the ever-evolving commercial real estate sector, Alliant Credit Union is leading the way in a constantly changing financial landscape. Join us as we explore their remarkable journey and the valuable lessons they offer for the financial industry’s future.

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Student Lending: A 2023 Review and a 2024 Outlook

Discover how the evolving financial and educational landscape is impacting student loans, repayment trends, and the challenges and opportunities that credit unions face. This episode is a must-listen for credit union professionals interested in how student lending will impact their organization.

LendKey partners with Payitoff to help student borrowers

n a continuing effort to help student loan borrowers, LendKey, the pioneer of digital network lending, is excited to announce their latest partnership with Payitoff, a leader in consumer debt guidance tools. The collaboration introduces a free and user-friendly tool designed to help federal student loan borrowers save significantly on their federal student loan payments.