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What Can Supplement Auto Lending?

Credit unions are thinking about how to supplement auto lending before it starts to wane. Christian Widhalm, SVP of Lender Partnerships at LendKey, provides cost-efficient and profitable asset classes to consider.

Tips for Winning Customers

Lewis Goldman, CMO of LendKey, contributes to Bank Business stating the best way for you to gain new customers is by providing “an offer they can’t refuse.”

The Great Divide on Loan Participations

Credit unions continue to participate out loans to mitigate geographical risk, diversify their portfolio, and increase yields. Palash Ghosh takes a look into why participations continue to grow year over year.

Technology Drives Student Lending Innovation

John Hupalo, founder of My College Corner and CEO of Invite Education, interviews Vince, CEO and Founder of LendKey, on how student lending has been impacted by technology including the “democratization” of the market place by many new entrants, much to the benefit of consumers.