Life at LendKey


LendKey is solving a complex challenge to improve lives with lending made simple - by helping financial institutions compete and provide a delightful customer experience in the digital age, while providing borrowers with the simple, transparent, digital borrowing experience they have come to expect and desire. LendKey works with hundreds of credit unions and banks to conduct their education and home improvement loan programs.


Mission-driven, technology-enabled services company—helping lenders compete in the digital age.

New York, NY
Cincinnati, OH

Meet LendKey Employees


Jessica Combs

Jessica Combs

Loan Origination Supervisor

Jessica leads a team of customer service agents that help guide customers through our origination process, starting with the loan application and supporting them all the way through to disbursement. Jessica started LendKey as an entry-level Loan Specialist and has worked her way up to a leadership role.  

John Moose

John Moose

Lead Engineer

John collaborates with a variety of teams in order to develop scalable, high-traffic software applications that successfully power LendKey’s products. As lead engineer, John leads one of our cross-functional agile teams to help make lending simple.

Vince Passione

Vince Passione

CEO & Founder

Vince leads LendKey, advancing the company’s mission of making lending simple and beneficial for everyday people. He oversees the company’s operations to ensure the highest level of service and excellence.

A Place of Opportunity

With its forward-thinking cloud-based lending platform and its agile, adaptive approach, LendKey is a growth-stage company that has the stability of having been around for more than a decade. With that growth comes an environment where employees have an opportunity to grow themselves as well as to make an impact. Executives are accessible and interact with staff at all levels, looking for solutions from everyone in the company. In addition to these opportunities for development, managers treat employees with a high level of trust, which means that LendKey staff enjoy flexible scheduling in pursuit of a healthy work-life balance.

Working in LendKey's Offices



Embracing Innovation

LendKey is always looking to find ways to utilize cutting-edge technology to accomplish its goals. Whether it’s through analyzing data in order to understand customers or finding new ways to streamline the online lending process, LendKey embraces innovation, actively supporting its employees in on-the-job education. Our teams are constantly asking the question "is there a better way?" to do something, and don't accept the status quo as modus operandi.

Giving Back to the Community

LendKey’s focus on the community isn’t limited to its business model built around working with community lenders. For years, LendKey has made giving back to the community a top priority. In both New York and Cincinnati, LendKey partners with local high schools to give students on the autism spectrum and with learning challenges the opportunity to come work as interns in the office and learn about technology. LendKey's service-first approach doesn’t stop with business—it also means treating people with kindness and caring about the communities in which it operates.

ImageLK Givling

Core Values

At LendKey, a set of core values guides the direction of the team, and helps us with difficult decisions. Being truthful is really important to us -- it sets the tone for how we treat customers, clients, and each other as colleagues. Another characteristic that all LendKey employees share is being driven—meaning that team-members are proactive, not reactive, in their day-to-day work. And finally, to us being 'present' means being the best version of yourself, practicing active listening and being committed & engaged to those who depend on you.

Bonding Together

Employee camaraderie is an important priority at LendKey, so much so that the company has an Engagement Team dedicated to ensuring the office maintains a fun and accessible environment. This team plans group opportunities for bonding and relaxation, from company picnics and baseball games to escape room events and paint nights. A sense of authentic collaboration is also reflected in the staff’s open culture—it’s a place where people can freely ask questions and support one another in growth and learning.