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Student Loan Refinancing: Variable vs
Fixed Rate

When student loan borrowers are looking to refinance student loans, they typically come across two options: a fixed rate
student loan and a variable rate student loan. Variable rate student loans are the most common when refinancing or
consolidating your loans, but fixed rate loans are available.


Your Guide to Covering College Living Expenses

From registering for classes to taking out student loans to covering your tuition, preparing for college is quite a process. Unfortunately, many college students overlook the importance of planning for day-to-day living expenses, which can put them in a tricky financial situation when the academic year kicks off. While tuition, room, and board will likely be your biggest expenses throughout…

When to Apply for Student Loans

In 2018, about 69% of all college students took out some type of student loan. This statistic, which includes both private loans and federal student loans, demonstrates how much students rely on this type of financial assistance to attend college. But student loans don’t automatically appear, even if you’re more than qualified to receive them. Finding and applying for student…

Federal vs. Private Student Loans

At last, the college admissions process is over. You’ve filled out your FAFSA, chosen your school, and gathered your scholarships. If you’re like most students, scholarships, savings, and financial aid probably don’t cover the entire cost of your education. Aside from tuition, there’s room and board, living expenses, textbooks – the list goes on. One option is to supplement your…

How High School Students Can Plan to Pay Off Student Loans

The subject of whether a high school graduate should attend college has become controversial, particularly in recent years. Some argue that college isn’t quite as “necessary” as it once was. This is particularly true due to the state of the job market and the rising costs of college in the United States. However, this argument isn’t necessarily supported by facts…

A Guide to Scholarships and Grants

College education has been a dream for parents and their children for generations. Students work hard to get into their choice colleges and to make their parents proud. However, with higher education costs on the rise, how they’re going to pay for it becomes the next big obstacle. Luckily, financial aid money is sometimes available and has benefitted countless students….

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