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Student Loan Refinancing: Variable vs
Fixed Rate

When student loan borrowers are looking to refinance student loans, they typically come across two options: a fixed rate
student loan and a variable rate student loan. Variable rate student loans are the most common when refinancing or
consolidating your loans, but fixed rate loans are available.


Federal vs. Private Student Loans: 4 Key Differences

It’s the words high school seniors around the country anxiously wait months to read: “Congratulations! We are pleased to offer you admission to…” Whether received via U.S. Mail or email, these words of college acceptance can be life-changing for both you and your student. While your recent high school graduate eagerly prepares for their first year at their dream college,…

What is Student Loan Forbearance?

Student loan forbearance is a loan repayment option made available to borrowers having difficulty making their regularly scheduled loan payments. Forbearance generally allows for the borrower to reduce the payment amount due or to suspend payments on a loan until a future date. Forbearance is typically requested when a borrower is facing financial difficulty. Most commonly, this is a result…

Community College and Student Loans: What you Need to Know

A community college can be a great place to earn transferrable credits at a significantly lower cost than at many four-year colleges or universities. According to the Community College Research Center, about 34% of undergraduate students in 2017 attended two-year colleges—and for a good reason. Community colleges offer associate degree programs, allowing students to fast-track their way into fulfilling and rewarding careers in…

Savings Accounts: What’s Right for You

A savings account is an opportunity to safely tuck money away that you don’t need for routine and daily purchases. They allow you to save money for the future, whether that’s saving for college, a house, a car, or a vacation. The longer you save, the better that’s because a majority of savings accounts earn interest, which means their value…

The Top 5 Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

If you’re looking to learn about the benefits of extracurricular activities, you probably already know how valuable they can be. But what exactly are extracurricular activities, and just how important are they? “Extracurricular activities” refer to any regular activities that you commit to outside of the regular school curriculum. This can mean involvement with any number of clubs, teams, associations,…

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