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We're transforming the $3.6 trillion consumer lending market by enabling the nation's 13,000+ community financial institutions to enter and succeed in online lending. Our innovative cloud technology matches consumers with community banks and credit unions to create the most transparent,accessible and low-cost borrowing options in online lending.

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Borrowers can achieve their financial goals and save money with lower interest rates from financial institutions that prioritize people over profits.



Lenders benefit from a superior infrastructure that provides full-scale marketing, operations and technological support.

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Applying for a loan often means something really cool is about to happen: you’re buying a new car, going to college, or moving into a new home. But, are you excited by the idea of applying for a loan? We didn’t think so. It’s hard to find information on loans products, the application process is cumbersome and time consuming, and you never know if you’ve found the right loan for you. Well, we’re fixing all of that!

Credit unions and community banks have some of the most borrower-friendly private student loans, auto loans, and personal loans. LendKey is enabling these community financial institutions to bring their loans to you online. By letting you borrow directly from America’s local and not-for-profit lenders, we’re building something that’s been sorely missing in online lending: transparent low-interest lending. We’re bringing community lenders to the online community, and giving you tools to make smart borrowing decisions. So get started today to lower your interest and monthly payments!

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