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Our nationwide network of contractors drives loans at the point-of-sale, matching borrowers with our participating lenders. Our program allows you to easily deploy capital and enjoy strong returns.

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Program Details

Put your capital to work as you diversify, manage, and optimize your portfolio as either a participant or originator in our home improvement lending program.


We offer home improvement loans to qualified, creditworthy customers through a nationwide network of independent contractors/merchants.


We give lenders the ability to generate high-yield returns while deploying capital quickly.


We give credit-worthy borrowers access to loans directly through contractors/merchants at the point-of-sale.


We manage a network for both demand generation and risk mitigation between lenders and contractors/merchants.

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Why Choose Us?

Our innovative program matches our nationwide network of vetted contractors and their customers with a financial institution to create the most transparent, efficient, and low-cost borrowing option.

Loan Program Results

Unsecured home improvement lending complements traditional secured products with similar borrower profiles. Showing no signs of slowing, home improvement loans are a low-risk way to deploy your capital quickly.


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