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LendKey provides credit unions access to high quality consumer loans to deploy capital and diversify their balance sheet through loan origination, loan sales, and participations across a variety of asset classes. LendKey’s unique loan participation model allows for fractional ownership in loans, empowering credit unions to broaden their portfolio and mitigate risk.

Hourly Schedule

May 21-May 23

7:00 - 4:45
Visit us at booth #400 in the exhibit hall.
Let's chat about how LendKey can support your credit union.

May 23 - Listen to Amanda Bardonner

1:45 - 2:45
Session 1 - The Power of Listening in Leadership
One of the most critical parts of effective leadership is active listening. That’s right, silence. It sounds obvious but can be hard to do because, after all, we all want our voices heard. Adding this one key skill begins to create space for all team members and colleagues to feel heard. They begin to feel more valued and it encourages them to participate. Even better, you'll probably learn something that surprises you. In this session, we’ll discuss the challenges of leading the current multi-generational workforce and how active listening can effectively create connections. We'll also discuss how empathy and vulnerability create opportunities for real team growth and best practices for communicating in an omnichannel, hybrid world.
3:30 - 4:30
Session 2 - The Power of Listening in Leadership


May 21 - 24 2023


The Disneyland Hotel
Anaheim California


  • Amanda Bardonner
    Amanda Bardonner
    VP of Strategic Accounts
  • Devin Hughes
    Devin Hughes
    VP of Business Development

    Devin leads platform and distribution partnerships for LendKey. He is charged with identifying opportunities to expedite the scope of LendKey’s LaaS technology as well as bringing thousands of LendKey client loan products to consumers via brand partnerships with companies like Acorns, Intuit, NerdWallet, and more.

    Prior to joining LendKey, Devin served as VP of Business Development and Marketing for where he oversaw the development of the largest content network focused on college admissions, as well as distribution partnerships with major publishers including USA Today, The Huffington Post, US News & World Report, and The Wall Street Journal.

    He holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington.

  • Kennedy Wesley
    Kennedy Wesley
    Senior Sales Executive
  • Tony Harter
    Tony Harter
    Senior Sales Executive