The Northwest Credit Union Association is working with LendKey, a leading full-service digital lending platform for credit unions, for their end-to-end private student loan and student loan refinancing solution. Through Strategic Link, NWCUA brings its customers the “best of breed” products and services.

LendKey’s advanced lending-as-a-service solution enables financial institutions to digitally lend to prime borrowers under the credit union’s brand. Education lending places credit unions at the beginning of millennial and Generation Z’s credit journey, allowing them to establish a strong presence for a potential lifetime of borrowing.

“We are excited by the opportunity that LendKey brings to Northwest credit unions in the area of student loan consolidation and refinancing,” Jason Smith, VP, NWCUA Strategic Resources said.

LendKey’s customizable education lending solution helps hundreds of financial institutions improve lives with lending made simple while managing liquidity, reducing costs, and mitigating risk.

“LendKey’s platform provides lenders with what they need most – the ability to quickly and cost-effectively expand their portfolios with quality loans in new asset classes,” Paul Gentile, President and CEO of Cooperative Credit Union Association said.

LendKey is proud to work with Northwest Credit Union Association to create value through collaboration by servicing both credit unions and their members.

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