LendKey, the pioneer of digital network lending, today announced a successful partnership with Members Choice Credit Union to leverage the ALIRO loan trading platform for automated investor reporting and remittance. 

Through this partnership, Members Choice has successfully transitioned investor reporting and remittance for participation portfolios from an internal process to the ALIRO platform, involving three buyer credit unions and a consumer unsecured portfolio across three separate sales. 

  • ALIRO automates the monthly ingestion of servicing files, processes them, and aggregates the data and payment information to generate custom reports, invoices, and executes remittance for all three buyers across all three sales. 
  • This partnership significantly reduces manual tasks for Members Choice, with turnaround times for processed files completed within two business days. 
  • The ALIRO platform provides a centralized location for all authorized users to access and download the generated reports and invoices.

“We’re pleased with the efficiency and automation ALIRO brings to our investor reporting and remittance processes,” said Keith Hrnyak, Members Choice Chief Financial Officer. “It eliminates manual tasks and ensures timely delivery of accurate information to our investors.” 

ALIRO, LendKey’s loan trading platform, was designed with extensive experience in loan origination and syndication. It empowers financial institutions like Members Choice to seamlessly buy and sell whole loans and loan participations, streamlining processes for both one-time transactions and ongoing forward flow programs across various asset classes. 

“ALIRO was developed to address challenges faced by financial institutions in optimizing their liquidity management,” said Vince Passione, Founder and CEO of LendKey. “We help institutions like Members Choice streamline their operations and unlock new opportunities to improve liquidity positions.” 

Beyond streamlining transactions, ALIRO equips users with comprehensive pre-trade diligence and analysis tools to empower financial institutions to make informed decisions by thoroughly evaluating trade opportunities and optimizing funding strategies, ultimately maximizing profitability. 

For more information about ALIRO by LendKey, please visit