Partnerships with Intuit, NerdWallet, Gradifi, and others connect millions of consumers with hundreds of borrower-friendly financial institutions

NEW YORK, N.Y., May 21, 2019 – LendKey, the leading lending-as-a-service platform for banks and credit unions, continues to grow its network of marketing partners, which includes leading consumer brands such as Intuit’s Mint and Turbo, NerdWallet, LendingTree, and Gradifi.

These partnerships, which have grown by nearly 125% in less than 2 years, enable students and graduates to connect directly with LendKey’s network of nearly 300 nationwide lending institutions. LendKey provides access to student loans and student loan refinancing through borrower-friendly banks and credit unions.

As consumers face increasing college tuition and student loan debt, which now totals more than $1.6 trillion in the U.S., they seek financial educational tools and information to effectively plan repayment strategies, make informed decisions, and gain access to high-quality loan products.

“We’re excited to partner with educational platforms to bring transparency into the student loan market and to help borrowers address the challenge of properly managing rising levels of student debt,” said Devin Hughes, Vice President of Business Development at LendKey. “Our API technology, for example, allows partners to host a customized loan shopping experience so consumers can make the right decisions on student loans for themselves, their family, and their own financial situation.”

Through a partnership with LendKey, financial educational resource partners connect consumers to LendKey’s network of financial institutions. These partners also offer their own products and financial success and security services such as insurance, budgeting tools and tax preparation.

“Our partnership with LendKey helps our customers solve one of the biggest, most common challenges they face today, their student debt,” said Varun Krishna, Vice President of Product Management, Intuit. “We’ve been thrilled with the savings, experience, and support LendKey consistently provides our customers so they can take the next step in their financial lives.”

LendKey services student loans accessed on its platform, meaning there are no hand-offs or re-submissions for consumers at any point. In addition, LendKey has a strong commitment to security and consumer privacy and does not share applicant personal information with multiple lenders while obtaining their real-time, pre-approved loan offers. To learn more visit

About LendKey

LendKey pioneered the lending-as-a-service model enabling white-labeled, digital lending solutions that help financial institutions establish a strong digital lending presence and acquire prime borrowers for a lifetime of lending. LendKey’s customized solutions help financial institutions improve lives with lending made simple while managing liquidity, reducing costs, and mitigating risk. The company revolutionized the entire lending process for institutions including demand generation, online decisioning, loan origination, customer service, compliance, and proprietary balance sheet management. Founded in 2009 and based in New York and Cincinnati, LendKey works with hundreds of credit unions and banks who have deployed more than $2.8 billion in loan capital to date through LendKey’s platform.  LendKey was recently named to the Top 250 Fintech list by CB Insights and a Top 50 Fintechs to Work For list by American Banker and Credit Union Journal. For more information, please visit or email