ALIRO & THC New Partnership Announcement

Cincinnati, OH (July 17, 2023) – LendKey, the pioneer of digital network lending, and Thomas Ho Company, a leading balance sheet management platform, today announced a partnership to add a highly specialized asset-liability management toolkit to ALIRO, LendKey’s loan trading and participation platform. 

Built upon years of loan origination and syndication experience, ALIRO allows financial institutions to buy and sell whole loans and loan participations in either one-time transactions or forward flow programs across any asset class. The new collaboration enhances ALIRO functionality providing more thorough pre-trade diligence and analysis to maximize profitability by evaluating both trade opportunities and funding strategies. 

“This partnership provides our clients with the tools needed to make more informed, strategic loan trading decisions,” said Vince Passione, CEO and Founder of LendKey. “ALIRO now empowers its clients to quickly and easily assess a loan purchase or sale opportunity by previewing its impact on their balance sheet and key performance ratios.” 

The addition of Thomas Ho’s balance sheet optimization ensures financial institutions are executing optimal trade strategies that move them closer to their target profile with trade-ready deals on the ALIRO platform. “Trading strategies are developed, refined, and executed, all within the ALIRO platform,” explained Passione. 

Dr. Thomas Ho, Founder of Thomas Ho Company, added, “Our two companies have complementary technologies that meet the current, urgent needs of community banks and credit unions. We connect capital markets products and balance sheet management in one seamless decision-making process. No one else currently provides a total solution like this.” 

To showcase the power of the ALIRO collaboration, LendKey and THC are hosting a demo webinar on August 2 at 2:00 p.m. EST. Following the webinar, credit unions will receive a free, custom report that leverages actual credit union data (from 5300 reports), Aliro’s live loan offerings, and THC’s Optimization technology to illustrate how we can help maximize profitability on each transaction to achieve your target balance sheet profile.  Register today at 

This partnership is the latest example of growing collaboration between fintechs to help credit unions and community banks build healthy balance sheets and better serve their consumers. The combination of best-in-class asset evaluation analytics, trade execution, and investor reporting and remittance makes loan sales and participations easier, safer, and faster for financial institutions of any size seeking to add yield or access liquidity, building the best community financial institution ecosystem.  



About LendKey 

LendKey is a financial technology firm and leader in providing “lending-as-a-service” solutions to credit unions, community banks, and their customers. LendKey works with its clients in two ways, the first is providing digital loan origination and servicing capabilities, and second, delivering a loan trading marketplace platform for financial institutions and fintechs. 

LendKey pioneered the concept of “digital lending networks,” which harnesses the collaborative nature of community-based financial institutions to build common lending programs for private student loans, student loan refinance, and home improvement loans. These programs utilize LendKey’s lending-as-a-service platform to provide customer acquisition, online decisioning, loan origination, loan servicing, customer service, and back-office support. 

ALIRO is LendKey’s loan trading marketplace where financial institutions and other market participants can easily transact. Loans can be offered for sale and purchased in either whole loan or fractional loan participation format, and the platform supports both one-time and forward flow transactions. ALIRO delivers the technology, tools, and ongoing service that financial institutions need to evaluate, execute, and manage loan trades to better optimize their balance sheet and risk, with a focus on improving net interest income. 

Since 2009, LendKey has empowered more than 350 financial institutions to offer competitive loan programs and increase their digital presence across various customer acquisition channels and marketplaces. LendKey has helped its clients deploy more than $6 billion in loans and today services over $2.8 billion in consumer loans.  Visit or for more information.  

About Thomas Ho Company 
Based in New York, New York, the Thomas Ho Company, Ltd. is a financial engineering firm with a long history of interest rate risk modelling for financial institutions and innovations in fixed-income valuation. THC provides a comprehensive cloud-based asset-liability management platform seamlessly connected to capital markets decision making analytics to support management decision making. For more information, visit or LinkedIn.  

LendKey Media Contact:
Devin Hughes 
VP, Business Development

Thomas Ho Company Media Contact:
Lindsay Velez
Thomas Ho Company
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