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Millennials have entered adulthood and are now experiencing life’s major events like buying a car, starting a family, and owning a home and they need financial products to support this journey. This technology-savvy generation prefers digital lending over traditional institutions with no efficient means to establish a digital platform in-house.

The relationship banks and credit unions have with their clients is more than just business. It’s built on years of trust, guardianship, and products that fund lives. Millennials are in their prime lending years with student loans, cars, and mortgages on the rise. How lucrative will lending to this upcoming generation be?

Lending to Millennials


A curated shift towards digital lending is starting with student loans, but Millennials still expect quality services traditional institutions provide. Financial institutions are keenly aware of the need to maintain their brand online while building their digital lending platforms.

LendKey enables community banks and credit unions to affordably enter the student and home improvement lending space, allowing them to provide this booming generation with the technology they demand and the superior customer services they expect. Learn more about our Lending as a Service platform and millennial borrowers in “LendKey And Unlocking A Generation Of Borrowers For Small Banks And Credit Unions” by PYMNTS or email us at

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