You’ve probably heard that money can’t buy happiness, but contrary to this popular belief, research shows that some may need specific amounts of money to feel happy and secure. In addition to earning enough, you also need to save for your future. A financial literacy podcast is a great way to ensure you’re moving in the right direction. 

Financial literacy allows you to consume financial advice while multi-tasking during everyday tasks. One can turn on a podcast while driving to work, exercising, or even cooking dinner. Discussing financial topics may not always sound glamorous, but the information comes to life through an interactive, energetic podcast. 

Are you ready to dive into the world of podcasts? Read on for our top 10 podcasts you will need to get a head start on your financial future today.

 1. Mo’ Money Podcast

Jessica Moorhouse hosts Mo’ Money Podcast. She is an accredited financial literacy counselor, creator of the podcast, and money expert. Focused primarily on financial tips for millennials and younger generations, Moorhouse has produced over 240 podcasts and a library of blogs and videos. She explores financial independence, debt and credit, how to budget, and tips for retiring early. 

To appeal to the generation coming of age amid the gig economy, she also covers side hustles and entrepreneurship. Guests on the show have included financial experts as well as celebrities like Perez Hilton and Farrah Abraham. To listen, head over to Mo’ Money website.

2. How to Money

The How-to Money podcast is hosted by best friends Matt and Joel. This financial literacy podcast breaks up complex financial topics into an easy-to-digest format. If you want to learn more about economic issues in a fun, upbeat manner, this podcast is for you. It feels like listening in on two friends who are chatting over a craft beer. 

This podcast is both purposeful and thoughtful. The main focus is on the rich living on less money. Topics include everything from the cost of new versus used cars, managing rental properties, finding the best investment apps, the psychology of spending, and countless others. If you want to check out an episode, look on the How To Money website.

3. She Makes Money Moves

Glamour Magazine editor-in-chief Samantha Barry hosts episodes; this financial literacy podcast gears toward young women who are just starting their careers and want to make it big. In an attempt to destroy cultural taboos around the conversation of money, Barry dives into first-hand stories from women around the country. 

Rather than just interviewing traditionally successful women, Barry speaks to all kinds of women about how money shapes their life. Their stories are raw and relatable, and if you’ve ever wanted to dig deep into the effect money has on women in this country, you should give the show a listen!

4. You Need a Budget

Want something short and effortless for your commute or while you’re getting ready in the morning? Head on over to the You Need a Budget website and listen to their podcasts. Released weekly, these 20-minute podcasts give you actionable tips that you can easily incorporate into your life.

Host Jesse Mecham interviews financial experts and helps you learn how to get out of debt, save money, and beat the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

5. Money Matters

Listen Money Matters provides you with tools and strategies to put your money to work. Featuring simple techniques from real people, this show helps you learn to invest. It reviews tools and strategies to help you earn passive income on your investments, rather than forcing you to scramble around as a day trader. 

The show serves as a guide for finding the right asset allocation for your portfolio and covers diverse topics such as being a landlord or starting a successful blog. 

6. Student Loan Planner

If you have large student loans hanging over your head, you are not alone, and you need a strategy to deal with these debts. Hosted by Travis Hornsby, the Student Loan Planner provides tips and advice for people who have anywhere from $50,000 to $1 million in student loan debt. To listen, follow the links on the Student Loan Planner site.

7. The Pete the Planner Show

More than just a financial literacy podcast host, Pete, the Planner offers various resources for people who want to improve their financial situation. The resources include mediums such as blogs, books, videos, newsletters, courses, and podcasts. You can also customize your suggestions by providing the website information on your financial objectives. 

Pete, the Planner, offers tips specifically for people who are struggling to live paycheck-to-paycheck, people striving for better, and those who feel they are missing a piece. Regardless of where you are in your financial journey, Pete has planning tips and strategies for you. Play a show from Pete, the Planner’s leading site.

8. Making Your Money Work

Making Your Money Work highlights tips from experts in various financial areas to help you find the most effective ways to make money work for you. Explore topics such as Etsy empires, marketing your business on a tight budget, getting out of debt, investing in classic cars, trading cryptocurrency, and other gems. In less than half an hour, you can get the details you need to jump-start your next financial endeavor. 

9. The Mental Health and Wealth Show

The Mental Health and Wealth podcast started in 2020, but host Melanie Lockert is no stranger to the realm of financial literacy. From 2013 to 2016, she managed the site, and after helping herself and many readers to pay off their debts, she published a book about the subject. 

Due to all the tragic messages she received from readers with severe mental health issues related to their debts, she started the Lola Retreat. This event empowers women to take financial control of their lives. The Mental Health and Wealth Show brings these topics together.

In this revolutionary podcast, Lockert dives deep into topics related to financial wellness and mental health, and she guides her readers to become more financially sound and mentally more robust. 

10. BiggerPockets Money Podcast

Want to become a millionaire? Then, head over to this financial literacy podcast. The show focuses on extreme topics such as paying off massive debts on moderate incomes, choosing the best alternative investments and retiring before 40. It is designed to help listeners achieve financial independence. You can listen from your browser on the BiggerPockets website.

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