It’s no secret that scholarships and grants can help reduce the need to take out college loans. But, quickly finding this free money can be difficult. Most students are busy with attending classes, studying, and other activities. This list will help you easily discover sources of aid that wouldn’t appear in typical online scholarship searches.


  1. State Education Agencies

Your state’s higher education agency could be a great source for funding. This free aid is separate from any federal aid received through your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Visit the U.S. Department of Education’s State Contacts website to find agencies near you. In addition, you may need to meet requirements to receive aid.


  1. U.S. Department of Labor

The U.S. Department of Labor isn’t in the free money business, but, they do sponsor CareerOneStop. Offering more than 8,000 scholarships, grants, and financial awards, this database filters your search by deadline and level of study. In addition, it has a variety of other filtering options and features unique opportunities for members of specific organizations plus their families.


  1. The Tuition Exchange®

Working at a college or university can give your family the opportunity for tuition benefit programs. Some programs require you to attend school at your parent’s or spouse’s workplace to receive a reduced tuition rate. However, if the school is part of The Tuition Exchange, you may be able to attend a different school tuition-free.


  1. Your Parent’s Employer

Employer-sponsored educational assistance typically include tuition exchange options for employees. For example, some employers, like Wells Fargo, offer scholarship programs for their employees’ children. Details may vary by employer. Speak with someone at the company to learn more.


  1. Religious Organizations

Start local — and contact your place of worship, as some offer grants and scholarships to members pursing higher education. If the organization has a national governing body, visit their website for potential scholarship opportunities. Aid requirements may depend on your program of study.


  1. Scholarship Sweepstakes

You don’t always have to complete an essay or submit transcripts to get free money for college. Niche, a K-12 school and college search website, holds monthly sweepstakes for college students. Winners receive $2,000, which can be used to cover any education-related expense. You’ll need to create an account to enter the sweepstakes. Monthly winners are selected at random.


  1. Financial Aid Office

While finding sources of aid in your college’s financial aid office is no surprise, digging deeper could help uncover sources of free money you hadn’t considered. Many colleges offer in-school scholarships for undergraduate students. Make a note that scholarships are not meant just for freshmen. Universities across the country give scholarships to a range of students belonging to certain school clubs or groups.


  1. LendKey

Have you ever wondered what happens when the number of applicants matches the number of scholarship awards? You get a high applicant success rate.

For example, the South Carolina Department of Education offered five scholarship awards. Five students applied and five were awarded. That’s a high success rate – 100% to be exact.

LendKey’s Scholarship Search is a unique online search tool that allows you to search and access over $10 billion in scholarships using “Applicant Success Rate” and other filters.

If additional scholarships and grants don’t provide you with enough funds to cover your college expenses, apply for a low-interest rate private student loan. LendKey offers variable and fixed rate student loans to help you achieve your higher education dreams. Apply today!


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