Have fun in college without going broke!

February 24, 2011 by LendKey Staff

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College costs are high. Trying to get through college on a low budget is a challenge. But that is the point. The wise words “Nothing earned, nothing gained” are still true today. But how does one keep their sanity in this environment bombarded with consumerism? The masters learn while in college how to have fun and get what they want without spending money like there is no tomorrow and running up sky high credit card debts. Here are some tips.

Platinum and Diamond Necklaces - so passé

1. Don’t believe the hype: Let me know if you have heard this before; A rap song about popping bottles in the club, while making it rain and rolling in a sick car with rims so expensive they require a separate insurance policy. Sound familiar? Yeah, it permeates popular music, but reality is a whole other game. I’m glad to hear when someone is doing well for themselves, but conspicuous consumption has gone out of style with college students. Smart college students know how to get the most out of the party scene without money. So go out and have fun and not worry about living up to the expectations of someone else. Just because you do not roll a Maybach does not mean you can’t have a good time.

2. Pre-Game: Don’t spend heavy at the college bar. Save it for taxi cabs if you don’t have a designated driver! Best case scenario is to limit your drinks to optimal levels, and save money for other more fun alternatives.

Look! We have fun and we are not spending our student loan refund check!
3. Chill with the right friends: If you are around the right people you can have fun anywhere under any circumstances. Use your college experience to meet new fun friends and good times come naturally. Just keep a good positive attitude and you can stumble into some awesome circumstances on a college campus without putting a hole in your wallet.

Take a hike, trees are free
4. Get some new hobbies: You do not need to be blowing money left and right. Instead of doing the same old stuff find yourself some new interests. Embrace change. Let this carnival economy of buying products for emotional satisfaction go to the wayside. Take a hike. Learn to play an instrument and have a jam with some friends. Take a trip to a museum. Culture your mind and you can find enjoyment in anything. The point is that you can find fulfilling hobbies and experiences that do not cost an arm and a leg; you just have to look for them.

Destination: Good Times
5. Keep a “Fun Budget”: Before you go to school, have certain amounts of money available for the entire semester just for recreation. It does not need to be a lot, but consider it for “educational purposes.” This way you are paying for things in cash instead of using a credit card. Stand firm on your budget and commit to spend no more than you have to develop financial discipline. This will teach you a valuable lesson in “party management” for future years.

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