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All of our loans are funded by community lenders that offer lower rates and prioritize people over profits.
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Fund your education with private student loans from community lenders. You're in good hands with our exceptional support team.
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Save thousands by refinancing and consolidating your federal and private student loans into one manageable loan with a lower interest rate.
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We answer questions and provide resources to help you prepare for college, develop your career, refinance student debt, and much more.
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student loan refinancing
Tyler from Utah Valley University refinanced his student loans through LendKey's network of community lenders
Abigail from Western Michigan refinanced her federal and private student loans
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Applying for a loan often means something really cool is about to happen: you're buying a new car, going to college, or moving into a new home. But, are you excited by the idea of applying for a loan? We didn't think so. It's hard to find information on loans products, the application process is cumbersome and time consuming, and you never know if you've found the right loan for you. Well, we're fixing all of that!

LendKey Student Loans


Credit unions and community banks have some of the most borrower-friendly loans, and LendKey is enabling these community financial institutions to bring their loans to you online. By letting you borrow directly from America's local and not-for-profit lenders, we're building something that's been sorely missing in online lending: transparent low-interest lending, with exceptional customer service. We're bringing community lenders to the online community, and giving you tools to make smart borrowing decisions. We offer student loan refinancing, private student loans, auto loans, and home improvement loans.

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Our student loan refinancing options allow graduates to consolidate and refinance their existing student debt, while our private student loans allow undergraduate and graduate students to fund their education. Select a loan below to get started.

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