Refinance and consolidate your student loans online,
through a local credit union.

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cuStudentLoans is a network of 150+ not-for-profit credit unions who use LendKey's online lending
platform to provide members with affordable student loan products. cuStudentLoans offers borrowers
two products: the cuScholar Private Student Loan and cuGrad Student Loan Refinancing.

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cuGrad Student Loan
Refinancing can help you consolidate and refinance your student loans into a loan with a lower interest rate.

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cuScholar Private Student
Loans allows you borrow through a not-for-profit credit union, ensuring that a college education is as affordable as possible.

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Center for a financial aid glossary, student loan payment calculator, and complimentary educational content.

Credit Unions are not-for-profit financial institutions that are owned by their members.
Their main purpose is to serve the financial needs of their membership (that could be you).
Because of this mission, credit unions are on the forefront of providing thrift and high
value financial products and customer service to their membership.

All loans from cuStudentLoans are funded by not-for-profit credit unions.
These local financial institutions keep operating costs low to pass savings directly to you.

Local Lending

Why Refinance With Credit Unions?


Applying is Quick and Easy!

 It's easy to apply for the cuScholar and cuGrad Loans.
All you have to do is follow these simple steps!







Confirm your eligibility by completing an application in under 10 minutes.

Upon conditional approval upload a few required documents.

Refinance Today

Receive final approval and review and accept the final disclosures and terms.

Why Refinance Your Student Loans?

Many agree, the student loan marketplace has experienced a breakdown where degree
holders with established credit and stable incomes may still be stuck paying 7.9% on old
Federal Grad Plus loans or 6.8% on unsubsidized Direct loans issued in prior years.
Haven’t good borrowers earned a break? In virtually any other debt, ranging from mortgages
to credit cards, gaining an option to refinance and reduce interest costs is greatly
welcomed especially for those that have improved their credit over time.

Student loan borrowers are a perfect candidate for refinancing, as their credit and income
tends to improve greatly after successfully graduating, but they have had little recourse. Until now!
By refinancing with cuStudentLoans, students can take control of their debt repayments, have more money in their pockets and save time with a single payment each month.

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