The State of Student Loans Report

An Opportunity for Education and Growth


Student loans are often the first line of credit for modern borrowers. There are better borrowing options that students and their parents can tap into. However, there is a lack of educational resources to help students make informed borrowing decisions. This opportunity allows lenders and financial aid officers to better serve students by providing educational resources and private student loan options.

LendKey conducted a survey of student loan borrowers to learn more about these prime customers. The State of Student Loans Report reveals new insights on student loans including: 

  • How students are funding their education during this important milestone
  • What financing options are provided to students before taking out their student loans
  • How credit unions, banks, financial aid officers, and other key stakeholders can help students borrow responsibly

Download the full report today to learn more about the state of education lending and how you can build long-term relationships with young consumers at the beginning of their credit journey. 

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The State of Student Loans Report