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Targeted Member Marketing


Targeted Member Marketing – Direct Mail

We are pleased to share with you the results of our recent Targeted Member Marketing Campaign and a case study featuring a group of LendKey lenders who experienced extraordinary results. The study highlights how LendKey’s expertise combined with competitive loan programs created a tremendous response and loan volume.

The campaign

LendKey partnered with 11 financial institutions to create a targeted direct mail campaign in effort to stir-up latent student loan refinance demand among their member base.

Candidates were carefully selected based on their profile and the institution’s underwriting criteria for a prequalified offer to consolidate their current student loan debt.

The campaign utilized branded creative for each institution to maximize on the pre-existing relationship and brand affinity. The recipient of the letter was greeted with the FI’s logo on the envelope, which we believe helped push the response rate well above industry norms.

Loan Participation Report

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