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Student Loan Refinancing: Variable vs
Fixed Rate

When student loan borrowers are looking to refinance student loans, they typically come across two options: a fixed rate
student loan and a variable rate student loan. Variable rate student loans are the most common when refinancing or
consolidating your loans, but fixed rate loans are available.


Can I Consolidate Private and Federal Student Loans?

One of the biggest myths when it comes to student loans is whether you can consolidate your Federal and private student loans. Think about it: you just graduated from college with about five different student loans. Three of them are Federal student loans and two of them are private. What do you do? Should you combine them? Should you leave…

Why Refinance Your Student Loans With a Credit Union?

Are you looking to refinance student loans? Are you searching for a low interest rate? Have you thought about a local credit union rather than a large bank conglomerate? Credit unions are sometimes viewed as local banks with limited services. With the expansion of online access, mobile apps, satellite locations, and expanded ATM access, access to a local credit union…

How Do Student Loans Affect Your Credit Score?

Student loan debt can definitely impact your financial profile, credit history, and credit score – either in a detrimental way or by improving your financial status and ability to save money. It all depends upon how you manage that student loan debt, and whether you are able to make your payments on time to fulfill your obligations as a responsible…

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Your Debt Burden While in College

CNN reports that 70 percent of college graduates leave school with debt in addition to degrees. In the best of circumstances, repaying student loans after college can take years. In the worst, monthly loan payments prove financially crippling. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to lighten your student debt load while you’re still in college. 1. Exhaust other forms…

Students and Parents Use the 1098-T for the American Opportunity Tax Credit

Taxes are always a certainty, but if you or your family are spending money on education there may be ways to increase a tax refund by claiming educational credits. It’s tax season once again, and while people entering student loan repayment may start claiming interest costs on their taxes, people currently enrolled may have another opportunity to save some money….

Latest federal student loan deal offers compromise at a cost

While the #dontdoublemyrate campaign helped to raise topic awareness with students, it fizzled out, and rates increased as quickly as July temperatures. Over the near three week period since then, a range of politicians have proposed different deals but none have been able to materialize into a solution, leaving many frustrated students and families to deal with yet another increased…