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Student Loan Refinancing: Variable vs
Fixed Rate

When student loan borrowers are looking to refinance student loans, they typically come across two options: a fixed rate
student loan and a variable rate student loan. Variable rate student loans are the most common when refinancing or
consolidating your loans, but fixed rate loans are available.


Latest federal student loan deal offers compromise at a cost

While the #dontdoublemyrate campaign helped to raise topic awareness with students, it fizzled out, and rates increased as quickly as July temperatures. Over the near three week period since then, a range of politicians have proposed different deals but none have been able to materialize into a solution, leaving many frustrated students and families to deal with yet another increased…

How Do I Get My Student Loan Refund Check?

A student’s journey through college can come with a lot of expenses. That’s why students are allowed to access refund checks to pay for some of these expenses.¬†As a result, getting hands on a loan refund check becomes very important for many students as the semester begins. Here are some things you should know about when it comes to getting…