Saving money can be difficult, especially when you are trying to save a large amount to achieve a particular goal. Just like with anything in life, when you break it down into smaller pieces, it seems much more manageable. Here are a few tips to help you turn that change into a more substantial amount that will get you closer to your financial goals.

Set a Goal

Before you can really start seriously saving, you have got to know what you are saving towards. Whether it is a vacation, a new car, or you are interested in opening up a retirement account, knowing what you hope to achieve will help you save tremendously. When you can visualize the end result, you will be less likely to stray along the way. Put reminders to yourself up around your living space that will serve as constant motivators.

Know What You are Saving

When you make a plan to save, be specific. Often times we have opportunities to save at the margins, where extra small amounts of money need direction towards a savings vehicle. If you are going to save your change, determine what exactly that means to you. If this means any money that makes noise in your pocket, commit to that. Perhaps the cash is more subtle, like some extra money stored away for car tolls that is no longer necessary. Be ready to look at common expenses and see if there is a small amount of money being missed.

Stash it Away

When you have decided what exactly you are saving, find a secure place to stash it away. Put it away in a secure container and then hide that away. It might help to have something smaller that you keep accessible to you and then transfer that to something larger when it is full. Stash that away in the back of the closet or somewhere where it will be less tempting. If you can locate a giant bottle or piggy bank, these are ideal. It sounds funny, but something with a tiny opening will make it less likely for you to reach in it for pizza money.

Don’t Touch It

Saving change should be easy! How often do you plan to pay for purchases on Amazon with rolls of quarters? However, if you are tempted to spend it, just don’t to it. Remind yourself of the importance of long term goals since you are saving for a purpose. You will only be successful at the art of saving your change if you can manage to put it away for good. Every little bit adds up if you can really save it.

Roll it Up

Once you have filled up your jar, box, or bank fully, roll the change in coin wrappers. Rolling your money will make it much easier to turn into the bank when you are ready, you may not save time doing this, but the little bit you save instead of dumping your hard earned savings in a change counter will be worth it. Remember, every little bit counts. You also probably won’t try to make a purchase with a roll of pennies.

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