The initial application process consists of two steps:

  1. A brief “Eligibility” page to confirm your eligibility in the cuStudentLoans program
  2. An easy one-page “Application” that takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete

If you’re credit approved, the remainder of the application process consists of:

  1. Submitting the required documents for you, and the loan is cosigned, your cosigner
    1. Proof of Identity – Government issued ID which includes: passport, drivers license, or state issued ID card. (Not required for participating credit union members who pass identity verification)
    2. Proof of Enrollment – Unofficial transcript from most recent semester (Not required for first-semester freshmen)
    3. Proof of Income – Two recent pay-stubs from within the past 60 days. (Not required for applicants with cosigners, required or cosigners)
  2. After your documents have been submitted and you have received lender approval, you will be asked to sign the loan agreement.
  3. A loan request for certification is sent to the school.
  4. After the school returned the certification, you must accept the final disclosures.
  5. Your loan is ready for disbursement on the date specified by your financial aid office.

You will progress through the application in a series of statuses until your loan has been completed. Below is a list of statuses and what they represent:

APPLYING – your application has not yet been submitted by either you or your cosigner and no credit pull has taken place to evaluate your creditworthiness.

REVIEWING – your application has been submitted and a credit pull has taken place but no formal decision has been made yet on your pre-approval status.

GATHERING – your application has been pre-approved and needs documents and repayment method selected before we can fully evaluate your application.

APPROVING – your application has been sent to the participating credit union for a final approval.

SIGNING – your application is ready for your signature and review before it is sent to your school for a certification of the funds you requested.

DISBURSING – your loan is now complete and your requested funds are being disbursed to your school on the date that they specified.

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