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Our Solution: Platform and People

Our technology and staff will take care of every aspect of your online lending program, including demand generation, online decisioning, loan servicing, and balance management. Let us help you launch a truly digital lending program in as little as four weeks.

Loan Origination.

Our digital origination process features electronic loan jackets, signature services, and funds disbursement.

Custom Underwriting Process

Set custom pricing and make real-time decisions based on your own credit scorecards across multiple asset classes.

Digital Loan Servicing

Our platform allows us to fully service your portfolio of loans through digital invoicing, payment processing, and real-time reporting.

LendKey has the leading Lending-as-a-Service Platform

Digital Mavens

Our user experience specialists built digital workflows that attract and convert borrowers. Our lending platform has been used to finance over 35,000 loans.

Demand Generation

Leverage our customer and digital marketing support to showcase your loans on the Marketplace.

Industry Veterans

Our online lending experts and marketers will ensure that your lending program is optimized to grow your portfolio.

Lending-as-a-Service Platform with dedicated industry experts, veterans, and digital mavens.

White Label Solution

Our turn-key platform supports lending programs from over 300 financial institutions, of all asset sizes.

Balance Sheet Management

Buy loan participations, retain loans on balance sheet, or choose to sell whole loans or fractional loans in real time to manage liquidity.

Online & Phone Support

Your borrowers are supported by our dedicated call centers, located in two facilities in different states.

Lending-as-a-Service Platform that supports lending programs for over 300 financial institutions, of all asset sizes

Grow your portfolio through an end-to-end workflow for multiple asset classes.

student loan refinancing student loan refinancing

Student Loan Refinancing

Refinancing student loans can provide financial institutions with a safe and attractive annual net return on assets of 3.5%-4%. Lenders can help millions of consumers refinance and save money on their existing debt, while building a lasting relationship with young borrowers and cosigners.

private student loans private student loans

Private Student Loans

Strong underwriting standards have led to low default rates among private student loan borrowers, the majority of whom have their parents as cosigners. By investing In the way consumers finance their education, banks and credit unions can attract a new generation of borrowers to their services.

auto loans auto loans

Online Direct Auto Loans

Our platform allows banks and credit unions to offer a fully digital online shopping and financing experience to their customers and members. We handle all the technology and compliance necessary for a dedicated online auto loan experience that can work with a lender's existing programs.

home improvement loan home improvement loan

Home Improvement Loans

Banks and credit unions can drive portfolio growth through low-risk online loans that help homeowners make upgrades to their homes. Financial institutions can uncover cross-selling opportunities while helping homeowners save money on home improvements and increase the value of their homes.

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